Today Canada is the most popular destination for those who want to Migrate and Settle Abroad

Global Management & Marketing Consultants, have tied up with one of the leading Immigration Consultancy Company in Canada, duly licensed by the Canadian Government, to extend Consultancy and Documentation Guidance Services to Indian & Nepalese individuals / families, who desire to secure a Confirmed Job, Acquire Permanent Residence Status (PR) and ultimately get the citizenship of Canada.

Recently there have been frequent changes to the Immigration programs at the Federal & Provincial levels, which our Principals in Canada closely monitor, and hence we are in a better position to handle our clients job placement and immigration process as per his/hers qualifications, experience and eligibility, as to Skilled Category or Semi - Skilled Category.


  • The Canadian Government has announced a Immigration Plan to welcome 9,80,000 New Permanent Residents in the Country.
  • The majority of the New Permanent Residents will settle as economic immigrants with 2,42,100 expected to arrive through programs managed under the Express Entry System
  • The processing time will be Six Months.
  • This will help foreign workers and graduates in Canada transition to permanent resident status
  • The Federal Government will also work with Provinces in settling upto 1,83,800 New Permanent Residents through the Provincial Nominee Programs.
  • This is our Principal Focus for securing jobs for our clients !

Individuals and families who wish to take up a job in Canada and settle as permanent residents, should contact us to get their evaluation done.

Our Services begin with Consultation, documentation, right upto our Principals receiving the individual / family at the Airport and driving them to the Employers location. Our Principals also assist with suitable accommodation and will be with the individual / family to assist in opening a Bank Account, apply for Social Insurance Number, Card and Health Card.

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