Educational Institute Consultancy Division

Educational Institute Consultancy Division

The Top Position for a Foreign Educational Institute in India is Still Vacant ! No One has Really Aspired & Worked for it on a Long Term Basis We Assist our Educational Institute Client to Achieve This Position……….!

Provided they are ready to work with us and listen to us:

Global Management & Marketing Consultants (GMMC) is not just engaged in Student Counseling, but is also involved in International Education & Marketing Consultancy, and has a team of management Qualified and Highly Experienced people.

With the passing of each day, Global Management & Marketing Consultants is coming closer to it's Aim of becoming a Market Leader in India in the field of Educational & Marketing Consultancy

Global Management & Marketing Consultants caters to the needs of it's Clients, by providing them with Pioneering & Innovative Cost Saving Educational Solutions, as per their requirements.

Global Management & Marketing Consultants tailor prepares Marketing Plans / Solutions, as per Individual Institutes needs, after a In-depth Study and Analysis of the Institutes Strength and Weaknesses. We give our Clients the

Latest Process Solutions, as we have the Experience and Sources, to give the best possible exposure, in this Competitive Global Environment.

In short, Global Management & Marketing Consultants, builds up the Brand Name and Product Recall of the Institute.

Once this is achieved, Regular Student Enrolments Automatically Follows Simultaneously.

Global Management & Marketing Consultants also advices/assists it's Clients, to formulate a Program / Course as per the prevailing Market Demands and Conditions.

Our Goals / Aims:

To make our Client's Institute a Market Leader in India by delivering Pioneering, Cost Efficient and Technology Driven Educational Solutions
To develop a Brand Name & Brand Recall for our Clients Institute as a Long Term Goal Achieve Global Excellence through Client Centric and Team Oriented Approach with Commitment to Quality

Utilizing our more than 30 years of Hardcore, All India Level Marketing & Advertising Experience, for the Total Benefit of our Clients.

Extend our Professionalism and Sincere Passion, and for regularly evolving New Innovative Marketing Tools for the complete benefit of our Clients.

Services We Offers:

Preparing Project Feasibility Report, Setting up Complete Marketing Infrastructure, Sales Promotions, Advertising, Event Management like Press Conference, Seminars, Educational Road shows, Spot Enrolments, Press Write-ups, Market Feedback, etc.

Company managed by Doctors, Highly Qualified & Experienced Senior Citizens for Student Welfare !

For Further Details or any Business tieup Contact:-
Mr. Chetan Raje
Mobile: 09820421953