Marketing Consultancy Division
Marketing Consultancy Division
(For Foreign Companies)

Today India is one of the largest Global Markets, as it is slowly becoming a Economic Giant. But at the same time, it is one of the most Complicated, Complex and Competitive to promote / market any product or service.

India provides a multitude of trade opportunity for Manufacturers and Exporters from all Countries throughout the world. Some of the Major Sectors experiencing rapid growth and consumer consumption are FMCG Products, Consumer Durables, Food & Clothing, I.T., Electronics, Constructions, etc.

However, the competition is immense and ever increasing day by day, and hence to really achieve a Good Market Share and develop your Brand Name, Professional Marketing & Sales Promotion is required.

Sourcing and Selecting the right Importer/ Distributor Regionwise, who has the complete knowledge, not only of the product, but also the Region and has the right type of contacts to promote and push up the Sales, in the ever increasing competitive environment, is a extremely complicated and complex process and requires a thorough knowledge of the Market, the process involved and the financial capacity.

Global Management & Marketing Consultants is a Exclusive Professional Marketing Consultancy Company, giving the Foreign Clients this very specialized service, in India.

Global Management & Marketing Consultants, provides the Foreign Clients with Sales & Marketing Solutions that greatly improve the Sales, in a very Cost Effective manner. In short, our main aim is to improve Clients Market Share, Brand Name and thus increase our clients turnover and revenue.

We have a team of Expert Sales Professionals, that other people dream of. Their Expertise and advice is available for our clients through us, practically free.

We are flexible and easy to work with, as everything we do is customized to our clients needs and financial budgets.

While a India Trade Directory, may seem to hold an easy solution pressing the submit button may get you nothing more than an automated list of every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Finding a Indian Importer/Distributor is one thing. Finding a reliable and competent Importer/ Distributor is another.

We Are Different:.

We provide you a very specialized and prompt service which no one else in India does !

If you want to promote your products in India, we suggest you utilize our services for the following reasons:

In short we act as our Principals eyes and ears in India

Company managed by Doctors, Highly Qualified & Experienced Senior Citizens for Student Welfare !

For Further Details or any Business tieup Contact:-
Chetan Raje
Mobile: 09820421953
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