Australia is one of the wealthiest Country in the world, and a land of promise, who’s enriching and immersive life has remained unmatched for years.

Australia is known for it’s affluence, natural splendour, and life in Australia is full of fun and grandeur for all it’s Citizens.

It is one of the best developed Country in the world, and though life in Australia is full of fun and has a laid back atmosphere, it has one of the most vibrant economy in the World.

Last but not the least, it is known as the Country for Career Opportunities & Career Enhancement

It is indeed a land where you will get work, and at the same time, live life to the fullest.

This is the main reason many people choose to migrate to Australia

To migrate, and be granted Australian Citizenship, a applicant has to complete different types of documentation process depending on the type of Visa a person is applying. Once the type of Visa has been decided based on the person’s requirements and the eligibility has been verified, a series of documentation procedure has to be followed and as per requirement various documents have to be gathered and executed. This is a tedious and complicated process which a layman may not be able to follow and prepare in a perfect manner. A small error / mistake may spoil the case and lead to further complications or rejection.

The Australian immigration process, has recently undergone a number of changes.

If an applicant has acquired skill / qualification in a certain trade, which is required in Australia due to shortage in that specific trade/area (Approximately 190 have been listed/declared by the Australian Govt.), or if a person has a large amount of Capital which he is willing to invest in the Australian economy, there is a very good chance that the persons application will be accepted.

To be granted Australian Citizenship, a person must first be eligible and issued an Australian Permanent Visa. After having stayed in Australia for a certain number of yearsunder the granted Permanent Visa, as per the conditions stipulated by the Australian law, and having complied with the procedure, a person is granted Australian Citizenship.

Global Management & Marketing Consultants has tieup with aExperienced Migration Consultant in Australia, who is legally qualified, experienced andapproved by the Australian Government, to undertake Migration assignments as the applicants Consultants.

Once a client registers with us, as his Consultants, we will evaluate his prospects, and accordingly thereafter guide him and assist him to prepare / complete his documentation as required.

The entire process usually takes six to eight months.

Company managed by Doctors, Highly Qualified & Experienced Senior Citizens for Student Welfare !

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